At the beginning of the school year I found myself teaching waves at GCSE & A level. All this work about waves influenced my work.


As you can see Luna is waiting to be lifted on, she has not managed to jump on to furniture yet. Although we have had a few interesting moments with shredded balls ,running off with them to play with! She is now 9 months old , so is slowly getting the idea.

The blanket is made from DMC Natura , Just Cotton. The yarn had been purchased for a couple of different projects, mine & Mums that had not worked out.
I used a normal treble wave pattern, and tried to combine the colours in as many ways as possible.
Happy crafting
LucyAnn & Luna


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  1. Your wave blanket looks beautiful!! I can see why your wave lesson inspired yr work! Luna looks to have found a cosy spot, with a ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ look in her eye!!

  2. Aww ! look at that typical dachshund-y look !! Love Luna. She reminds me of our dachshund we once had. They are very possessive and love to snuggle up don’t they ? Oh yes, your wave blanket is awesome !

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