Waves display in our physics lab


If you have ever wondered what we physics teachers get up to when our exam classes leave, here one of the answers. We update our displays.
The display is for lower school & GCSE on the topic waves. We have used mirror board to represent mirrors & glass blocks, with coloured card for the rays & angles. For those who are not up to date with your physics ( from left to right) reflection & periscope , refraction, semi circular block showing refraction, total internal reflection ( used for fibre optics etc) & the critical angle ( the angles of rainbows & sparkly gems)
It’s still not quite finished yet, I’m waiting for year 8 to make the title & labels.
The girls seem to love it already & have been busy watching our progress.
The two fabric panels have been up since Feb, the girls really love them too.
Perhaps that’s why physics is becoming so popular at our school.


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