Becky’s birthday cake


Today we celebrated Becky’s belated 21st birthday & Christmas all in one. Becky’s is really into Harry Potter & is a member of the quidich team at Uni. So my castle cake tin has been put to good use. I used each house colour to add detail to each turret, the house shields I found on line, Becky’s really liked it. The girls took the chocolate cabin home to finish eating , let’s hope they enjoy it.


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    • Thank you. why not have a go your self. If you can make a sponge cake all you need to do is track down the tin/ mould. I even used shop brought small tubes of icing & the flags came from amazon. The other trick is to paint the inside of the mould with cake release, so the cake drops out easily. Just go for it & good luck.

      • Unfortunatey im mostly bedbound and there is a flight of stairs between me and my kitchen. But, i might see if i can rope my mum and brother into doing it for my birthday. If i give them fair warning theyll have no excuses. Thanks for the tips.

      • I see baking a cake from your bed would be a bit of a problem, no matter how determined you were. Good luck with persuading your Mum to make one. You will have to shout lots of encouragement from the side line.

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