Giant Granny Square


Happy New Year Everyone!
May I start by thanking everyone for reading by blog. When I started I though I would be lucky if a few people looked at it, I now have over 170 followers , which is amazing, from around the world.
This giant granny square was started last December ready to take to my mother-in-laws as something easy to do. I also like an ‘I’m tried project’ on the go, for when you need something to do with your hands but your brain is not quite connected to the rest of you. I had purchased this yarn for another project that didn’t work out due to not liking the colour, it looked beautiful on the ball but not crocheted or knitted. However, as the granny square grew the yarn grew on me. I’m pleased with the final blankets.


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  1. I usually hate varigated yarn, but I think it really works here. I love just doung stripes or squares as I watch TV – having a Game of Thrones re-watch at the moment and a blanket is almost done as a result!!

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