Woodstock finally flys in having a short rest before meeting up with the rest of the gang. 


Those surface crochet feathers were interesting to do but quite effective. Woodstock only has flimsy legs, so will not stand. I used the yarn in the kit, yes there is enough for the 3 characters. I’ve really enjoyed making them this school holiday. I’m going to make some of the other characters at a slower pace once back at school. The kit is called Peanuts Crochet by Kristen Rask ( with others such as Twinkle Chan, not mentioned on the box) Thunder Bay Press


The back of the box! So you can see who’s included if your interested. 

Today is school work catch up day.  I’ve just completed a booklet of AS electricity questions, so the lower sixth have some model answers ( only 3 school weeks before they go on study leave) & now I had better get on with some particle physics questions for the upper sixth ( they have a little longer , there exam are in June)

Oh well back to it or shall I sneak a couple of rounds on a character requested by Chemistry. 


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  1. Hi lucyannluna,

    Could you help me out with Woodstock’s feet? The instructions in the book don’t work for me all that well.


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