Clematis Crochet Blanket 



This one has been finished waiting for its recipients big birthday (Monday) we seem to be a party mode all week in physics. We have the science big afternoon tea party on Friday ( hosted by physics). So mum is helping out with the cake baking (thanks mum) I will add some photos of the cake later, as I’m trying to keep the cake as a bit of a surprise ( unless you follow mum, & you have been unknowingly following its progress) it has a woolly astrophysics theme. 

School is wall to wall revision & panicking girls. I took time to take yr 7 out to launch the stomp rockets we made yesterday,  I’m now behind in their teaching, but boy did we have fun. Tomorrow I twitter on about Gravity again!


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  1. This looks so cuddly!
    I’ve nominated you for the leibster award. You can see the post about it on my blog x

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