Clangers Cake Topper


Mum very kindly knitted these clangers for the top of my friend & fellow physics teachers special birthday day.  

Clangers enjoying the sun before going to school

Yes that is cake in the ‘class room ‘ , we have cleaners that insist on using bleach every day! One thing you can say about school is its clean! The science department enjoyed afternoon tea hosted by physics ( well, me mostly)

  The clangers will find a new home in our main lab or class room, keeping Einstein & our particle zoo,company.  I’m sure they will be spotted by the girls over the coming weeks. 


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  1. oh gosh they are so cute!!! your Mum is very clever.
    Same as Kate, we only had a b&w TV so I’ve never seen the Clangers in colour before ^^

  2. Like I said to Kate I had a grey knitted clanger, can I count that as a deprived childhood??? LoL.
    Mum now has some requests from our younger members to make clangers for their Mums

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