African Flower Dragon



My dragon is finally finished. This project has been a ‘learning process ‘! His back legs are facing the wrong way , next time I must label those legs. This then lead to a body shapes not fitting together problem. Then I ran out of yarn on the wings ( the yarn came from Mums stash, she won it some time ago) so I used some pink on the underside ( not that you can see it), he should also have a line of scales down his back.  I decided to stop here ( as I tell the kids at school, it was time to put the spade down, & stand back from the hole, before it got any deeper), I think he looks good. 

The pattern is from Heidi Bears ( it started life as) smaug the African flower dragon, I purchased it from etsy.  Would I make another yes. The patter is great with lots of photos, perhaps I should have started with an easier one. She does ask that you keep to the pattern however, mine took on a life of its own !


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  1. He’s very cute! It’s OK to be different! I would love to have a go at some of the 3D African flower designs out there! did you join the pieces as you went? I made an African flower throw but I cheated and sewed it all together afterwards. It’s a very pleasing motif though and I keep meaning to go back to it.

    • Thank you. I joined as I went along hence I could not unpick very easily. The pattern was easy to follow with plenty of pictures, I just wish I had marked the left & right legs, as it’s hard to tell which is left, right, back & front. Perhaps if I had more time to work continuously I would not have got confused. I would pick one & just have a go.

    • Thank you. The African flower motif is fairly easy ( if you can already double & single crochet) she does picture, words & chart for instructions. However the joining as you go is much harder, but if you can not manage it she does say you could simply sew it together. So join as you go about 8/10, but individual motifs sewn together 2-3/10 . She does do some more straight forward patterns. I would just go for it.

  2. He’s gorgeous, and I think the legs look just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have the giraffe pattern by Heidi to do one day. They’re lovely patterns that she does.

  3. Awww, he/she is so sweet! The colours are great, and your dragon has such a friendly face. And your timing is perfect… I’m trying to make a dragon at the minute too, so thanks for the heads-up about labeling the feet ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. He’s so cute! I too love HeidiBears patterns – I made one of her hippos earlier this year and have started another one as a gift for my aunt. I would love to try the dragon one!

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