Sun Ray Block Cusion 



Over the weekend I had a go at paper piecing, using a craftsy online class. I’ve tried paper piecing before & had lots of problems working out the size of the fabric to stitch & flip. I’m really pleased with the results. Here’s the other side.  


Now I need to find time to make the other 2 blocks! Then I can have a new set of Cusions on the sofa.  

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  1. Good result for someone who has problems with paper piecing! I’m about to start a 36-piece paper pieced block for F2F, and while I’ve made it before, it’s not a comfortable process for me to work back to front and have to think about everything twice, so I have lots of sympathy!

    • My first adventure has a full paper pieced picture quilt about 14 years ago ( life before teaching) it looked fantastic, frogs on water Lily’s, but it was such a pain to make. Craftsy offered me a class real cheep, I had signed up to get access to a free pattern( you know how it is). Paper piecing looked good, hey why now learn how to do it the easy way for a change. The next block is more challenging so it says. Good luck with your new project.

    • There are 2 types of paper piecing, this is the American type where you see through the paper using your machine. The other type is English which is the traditional hexagon type. Thank you & good luck

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