Mystery Afghan Finished


I finally finished the outter edge of the mystery afghan ( from crochet crowd)a couple of weeks ago. Mum kindly offered to sew in the remaining ends , thanks Mum!

It’s been really hot here this week, especially at school & at home. It’s been one of those weeks, where I haven’t done much. This is unusual for me! I’m on a break form Sophie’s universe again as its too warm to sit under the blanket. 


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  1. well done! I bet you’re waiting for the weather to cool down so you can snuggle up Under your new blanket ^^

  2. Love the colours, I struggle to finish my blankets this time of year, winter is my favourite time for blankets I snuggle as I finish them off. It is difficult as people hope they are finished by winter so they can use them.. cant wait to see the next one..

    • Thank you. Here in the UK we tend to have blankets while our Friends in the U.S. Have Afghans. The crochet crowd ran a crochet along project releasing the next part each week, this one was a complete mystery as no ideas were given to what each part looked like. With my job I never keep up with these crochet alongside. The mystery afghan finished in May & here am I finishing in July.

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