Watercolour painting from holiday


While on holiday I attended the watercolour painting class on sea days. 

An Icelandic grass roof house, we used salt on the roof & grass

Sunset on the fiords, here we used wax on the paper before painting to make our snowy effect. 

I wish I had remembered to take along my own larger paint box & brushes. I think the sky & sea are a little too red for my liking.  You only really get 25-30 minutes of actual painting time. I think we probably started to use up the ships salt supply by the end of the 2 weeks.  

School has been manic, it feels like we have not just had six weeks holiday, already. It’s a working weekend, but after sharing these I think I’m going to try some painting. I will share some progress on the other projects soon. 


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    • Thank you. I think it’s like every thing, it’s hours spent practising, I really do believe if you want to do something you should just go for it. Have you tried painting any pictures from those colouring books that are around now. That’s a good place to start as you didn’t have to draw. Good luck

      • Yeah… any form of drawing/colouring has always come easy, for me. Painting, not so much :-/ But who knows, it might be worth another try, someday. Thanks for the encouragement! πŸ™‚ β™₯ ❀

      • I find some brushes easy to handle, I like ones you can point, stay that way. I brought some new ones today & they are rubbish. I like watercolour as you can remove it with water & a tissue. I have also found masking fluid, you paint it on, & rub if off, you can also use it to protect parts you have already painted.

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