One Year wiser wk8


I thought this weeks was quite apt, with all my prep for new courses, that started in September. I just hope I have done enough to keep my head above the water for the next term.  I do like change I think it keeps things fresh & up to date.  I went into teaching because no 2 days would ever be the same, even though I can in essence teach the same thing 3 times in the same week, it’s never the same, you change & adapt to the class. Perhaps this is why I still write on the board with a pen. Yes I use power point, video clips & cute animation, but not all the time. I love practical work too. Kids love the simple things, like putting a diffraction grating over the lens of your phone camera & taking pictures ( great physics & lots of fun) , if you want to do at home use the card board rainbow  glasses for looking at lights that are often around for Christmas.  

Here’s our dining room lights. 

However, I feel at the moment I have too much change, it should be gradual & not all at once. 


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