One Year Wiser wk 11


 It’s been a while since I last shared this colouring book. I received some lovely water colour pencils for Christmas, the full 72 colours in the Dewent watercolour range. I also received the coloured pencil bible by Alyona Nickelson. Here’s my first attempt at exercise 1. 

Not bad, I was a bit worried at first when it told you to colour/ shade the whole thing with canary yellow. It does seem to have worked. 

In between the exam marking I’ve been working on my circles blanket.  

The cool colours. 

I’m hoping the atmospheric pressure here in the UK starts to rise soon, it’s so low it keeps triggering my migraines. 


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  1. 72-piece colouring pencil set?! I feel myself turning a peculiar shade of envious green! Those Derwent pencils are great, though… I got a set from my best friend in primary school (yes, you read that right) and they’re STILL going strong! Your pear and squares look great, hope you’re feeling better soon 😃

    • They are the water colour set too, I must say I keep dropping hints & watching Amazon for the 120 wooden box set of the complete range of artists pencils. Like you say those pencils go on for years. I had never had a set just odd pencils from different ranges, some date back to my exam days & beyond. At least I feel I can use them as they can be replaced. Other wise I feel I must just admire them in the case.
      Yes I’m feeling a little better as the atmosphere pressure rises.
      Thanks for your wonderful comments, I’m looking forward to seeing what you make too.

  2. Is looking good! I love colouring pencils too and have a few boxes and tins. However, sometimes I find it difficult to find a particular shade of say Green. Do you feel that too?
    Wishing you all the best!

    • Thanks, yes I do sometimes feel limited by the colours in the box, sometimes I try to layer different colours to get the effect or colour, but with these colouring books the areas are quite small or fragmented, & this can make it difficult.

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