SAL February update


More progress has been made!!

I’ve finished the phases of the moon, done a couple of ‘red ‘ planets & started on the birth signs.

That gold thread is satin DMC, it looks like its going to be a pain to work with, difficult to obtain really neat regular stitches & an absolute pain to unpick even a single stitch ( it goes fluffy). I’m using thread heaven with it too.

Please visit the other members of the SAL to see how much progress they have made   :Avis Gun Carole Jule  Wendy kate Claire Cathy Jess Jacqui


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    • Thanks for the encouragement, I’m just going to have to live with the odd wonky stitch, it will give it that same home made look as imperfect quilting points.
      By the way you were right, we’re off to Paris for the passport adventure.

  1. DMC make great embroidery thread, but not when it comes to metallics/satins. It’s so temperamental! Despite that, your stitching looks great and I love the design you’re working on 🙂

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