Owl blanket ( part 1)


The owl blanket is together!

Believe it or not the owl shapes & the circles are the same colours in the same order, but running in opposite directions. 

I wanted rainbow like colours, so decided on those citrus colours for the small blocks. The white yarn has a lovely speckled rainbow effect, so it is not pain white.  I still have 18 eye balls to make. 

Mum has offered to sew the ends in for me ( mums are great)

The blanket is for my Lab techs birthday next week.  So eye ball making, marking & planning here we come. 


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  1. It’s looking fabulous. I have a very frivolous mind, and when I read that last line, I wondered if your lab tech was called Igor, which would make you the mad scientist: “Mwahahah!! I must go and make some eyeballs!!”. Seriously, though, it’s a very lovely blanket, and good luck with the eyeballs!

    • Thanks, one of the perils of working in a school science department is that you can open the freezer & find ice cube trays full of frozen eye balls looking at you. Yes I do think my year 7’s ( 11 year olds) think I’m mad & I know everything there is to know about science. Bless them!!

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