Monster cosy stripe blanket


Yes the monster blanket is finished!!!

It was  Attic 24 cosy stripe blanket kit/ yarn pack, with pattern already printed. 

It worked up quickly, despite its large size ( about 2m in length), & not a lot of thinking required, good wind down project for me. 

Here it is in its full glory  

I found it difficult to take its picture as its so large. ( yes those are other abandoned projects, awaiting finishing peaking out)


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  1. I like the colors. It will fit any season. It has the oranges, reds, and browns for fall. The pink, purple and green make me think of spring. The blue and yellow for summer. Winter is just the whole blanket itself because we all know how warm a crochet blanket is. Lovely just lovely. Great job. 😀

    • Thanks, I liked the colours, that’s initially why I brought the pack, it was only when the pack arrived with the pattern I thought I would give it a try, it worked rather well

    • Thanks, well our granddaughter has asked for one in ‘Frozen’ colours, & I still have other projects to finish. A really lovely yarn cake arrived yesterday & I would like to have ago at crochet flowers. Can you tell it’s the school holidays???

      • Good grief, you’re not old enough for a granddaughter, surely? 🙂 ‘Frozen’ colours does sound pretty though. Enjoy your well deserved break from the little monsters…

      • She is a step granddaughter, but most people do think I’m a lot younger than I am. I was asked at work when I will be 40, my reply not again in this life. Science teachers in our school tend to look younger than they are! Perhaps it’s all those chemicals, or does hanging around teenagers make you younger???

      • It can’t be the stress free life! I look younger than my age in Australia, as the sun has a rather weathering effect on the skin, and most women my age look a good deal older. Having lived in the UK till my early 40s, I have a slight advantage!

      • Yes, I think keeping out of the sun helps, being a red head, I go ‘crispy’ really quickly & lobster red is not a good look. I also put it down to good genes , not smoking & being allergic to alcohol! We get told off for laughing in physics at lot, because we try to see the funny side.

    • Thanks. If your in the UK I think wool warehouse still has the kit cheaper than buying the individual balls. You need 15 different (dk , stylecraft) balls, although I ran out & needed a little extra for a couple of the border rows. My ‘frozen’ version is using 10 balls (all dk, no particular make)I had in my stash. It looks like the sort of pattern that would work with any thing.

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