Woodland reflections 


Here’s my second watercolour. I attempted some ruins & reflections. Making the reflections was a new technique, dragging a large brush across the paper, I was a little worried but it seems to have worked well. 


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  1. It’s worked very well, the painting is very pretty and not at all like only a second attempt! If it’s not too rude of me, I’d only suggest doing a bit more work on the wall at the right, which looks a bit too perfectly one colour to be a ruin… You have a real talent 🙂

    • Thanks Kate . I did art to A level & I have painted before. Its been a long time since I really painted. This sort of composition is quite new. Yes I see what you mean about the ruin, I’ll have a think about that, constructive criticism is always good.

  2. That’s a lovely scene, I think you’ve done great work. I’ve never tried painting but I do enjoy looking at what others are willing to share. I hope there’s more from you!

    • Thanks, I hate it when the dam thing sends too soon. I would say you can learn to paint. As I’m getting back into painting, I’m currently using one of the what to paint books, it gives you an outline( you can trace if you wish) & a handy suggestion of colours, I got a dvd, with tips on certain parts like the reflections. There is a series called ready to paint ( I think that may come with tracings & a step by step guide, I haven’t got one of these). The SAA web site has a link to online tutorials, some are very good. I think it’s like patch work, sewing & other crafty things, if you can use colour then you will be ok. Other than that it’s just practice ( just think back to your early patchwork or other sewing projects & the work you do now). Oh & good brushes & paint help, just like new fabric in patch work. It you get time have a go.

  3. I love this painting! Your colors are vibrant and not muddy. Your choice of inspiration is so quaint. It has been quite a while since I have taken out my water colors and paper, but this makes me want to paint again!

  4. Hi! Love the water reflections technique. I haven’t painted in a while – a couple of years. I always find that I lose “the feel” and have to have a go at it for quite a while until I get it back. Nice job!

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