SAL May update 


Still slowly working away, hopefully another outer circle finished by 12th June.

If you would like to see how the other member are progressing with their projects, please follow these links.

Avis Gun Carole  Wendy kate Claire Jess Sue Constanze


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  1. First off I want to thank you for stopping by my blog today. Second, I like what I see here! Crafts and flowers in the first two posts I’ve seen… that deserves a follow. 🙂 Third, what is a SAL (title of blog)? Love the pretty purple aida cloth, did you dye it or buy it like that?

    • Thanks, glad you like it. SAL =sew a long, in this one we are more of a group of international ladies working on a range of projects. The purple Aida I purchased online , I also have a deep turquoise piece awaiting the right project.

  2. Hi, lucyannluna apologies for late reply to your post, as i,m in the process of moving,so had little for anything creative this week.i,m pleased you like my Green Man,its an image i have worked on before, its actually unfinished,but wanted to see it on my website which i,m still developing. you have beautiful garden,luna must love exploring it. Hows your painting i liked the flowers, are they watercolorso? i do like the colors of the needlework.

    • Thank you, yes Luna does love the garden, I’m sure she considers some parts as hers. Look forward to seeing your green man finished. I love colour, our physics labs are colourful, I’ve made quilts, knitted characters (Tim Peake is the latest), generally bright & cheerful, making it a little more appealing place to be ( especially for those not science minded). I like to use watercolours, & would love more time to paint & create. However, with so many educational changes & new courses , I can normally start to squeeze a bit more in but sadly not so much this year, only 5 more weeks to go until summer holidays & craft time.

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