Watermelon shawlette 


Yes, it does look just like a slice of watermelon.  The side edge was as straight as I could make it when I blocked it, that outer section is so much wider than the middle section, I’ve frogged it atleast twice, counted & recounted stitches. I also think I ran out of yarn?? Frankly who knows.  Yes it does look very pretty, but it is really small, sorry I mean child sized. 

The pattern is cherry pi from the shawl project book 1. 

Has anyone else attempted this pattern? It’s great for this yarn but really small. 

I think I might try to make a crochet broach to pin it together at the front. 


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  1. The colors are beautiful and I really like how it turned out. Getting edges straight is a giant pain, I’ve still got an unfinished shawl because I’m not looking forward to blocking it. >.>

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