Tulips & coffee cake

Tulips & coffee cake

Yesterday I tried my hand at painting flowers, I have aquired several lovely books on painting  flowers. It has given me the chance to buy more paint -yea & I’ be tried my new lift out brushes, I brought some lift out medium to paint on first, but in my haste I forgot to use it! I remembered while trying to lift out the paint. 

Trying out those new paints (& some old ones)

I’ve been attempting to be gluten  free , it’s been about 3 weeks now, picking my way through what I can eat or not. I am feeling much better for it.  Getting the hang of gluten free cooking had been a little hit & miss. Kate from our SAL group helped me out with some recipes to try. Here’s the first result. 

One rather yummy coffee cake! I made one change to Kate’s recipe & added chocolate butter icing instead of coffee. 

Thanks so much Kate, it was lovely to have real cake. 


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  1. I love your painting and the cake looks delicious!! πŸ˜ƒ. Shortbread always works well gluten free. I cream 2oz caster sugar with 4oz softened butter or block marge, add a few drops of vanilla extract then stir in 4oz gluten free flour and 2oz cornflour. The gluten free flour makes it a bit more crunchy, it’s lovely!

  2. Your tulips are beautiful, and I love seeing your colour experiments – it reminded me that I need to do some more colour charts and practice some more colour combinations myself. Good luck with your new gluten free diet πŸ™‚

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