Luna’s Garden tour & another cake


It’s been wet here, everything is growing,  just right for ‘hunting’ in the undergrowth, not that I’ve found anything yet!

Here’s my favourite flowers

We have lots of clematis out, there are deep purple ones on the outside of the fence

The roses smell real nice, but many haven’t survived

I love wandering around in these yellow poppies & look at the size of those puddles, I will get my undercarriage wet. 

My mum made another gluten free cake today, with a recipe from Kate. 

Line zucchini cake 

It was rather tasty, I got to lick Mum’s plate. It didn’t taste of that veggie stuff at all, just lime cake. So I give it a paws up. 


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  1. Stunning gardens. I bet you can relax like in a dream in your garden. Wonderful puppy dog to help enjoy the beauty. Delicious looking cake too. Yum! 🙂

    • Thanks, the garden is so small, I went up with loads of climbers, as we are completely surrounded by other houses , cars & people. In the winter I notice them , but they soon start to disappear once the growing season starts

    • Thanks for the recipes, I attempted the chocolate cake, a bit of a disaster, sunk in the middle, outside ok. I do feel so much better now, so it’s worth it, for the hassle being gluten free. Added benefit I’ve lost around half a stone, simply because I’m not eating extra stuff to stop feeling sick. Thanks again

      • The chocolate cake sounds as if it cooked a bit too fast. Try reducing the oven temperature a bit and cooking it for a little longer. It’s a delicious cake, and worth another go. I remember how life changing it was when I got my coeliac diagnosis and changed the way I ate. I had so much more energy!

      • I will probably have another go, in the summer holidays. I’m luckily not coeliac, only gluten intolerant, so I seem able to cope with very small amounts. I’m doing my best to avoid it though

      • The best way. Why tax your system with something it doesn’t like? My entire kitchen is GF apart from one high cupboard I can’t reach but the Husband can (aka the Cupboard of Forbidden Foods). It does simplify life a lot, and he has no complaints about the GF cuisine :-), I think he gets better, healthier food now than he’s ever eaten.

  2. You have a glorious garden. GF cooking just takes practice. I have loads of friends who are GF so I love experimenting so I can make something everyone can share.

  3. I love your heuchera together. I must get some for my garden (I’ll squeeze them in somewhere!). I bought a centaurea a few weeks ago and haven’t checked to see if it’s in flower. I’ve got a feeling mine won’t be as bluey as yours.

  4. Oooh, lovely! Thanks for the garden tour, Luna… even after the recent downpours, it still looks beautiful and peaceful! And I’d definitely go for a slice of your mum’s lime cake… yum!

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