Out door sketching 


Yes I actually sketched outside, sitting on a rock a Corfe Castle , Doerset, U.K. I made use of my new art bag & lay flat sketch book. If did finish it off in the hotel room in the evening from some photos. 

I ment to write this post last weekend, but recent events have just taken over. Marking physics course work ( 2 out 3 groups done) & looking after Daisy Mum’s old dog. 

Sadly at the grand old age of 15 & a happy life of chasing balls, eating roast chicken & drinking tea warm but with lots of milk, she made her journey across the rainbow bridge  to join her sister Rosie. 

Here’s a picture of Daisy (black & tan)from a couple of years ago showing May ( next to Daisy) & Luna ( bottom) just how much trouble you can get in, if you sit on, trample Mum’s plants. 

Daisy has been a very special dog, she took it upon herself to take care of Dad after his heart attack & has spent the last 14 years making sure he remembered to take his medication every day ( even creating so much noise to tell us he had gone out with out taking them, & would not stop until I drove to find him) recently she had stopped doing this & May is attempting to take over this important role. 


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    • Yes Daisy was very special, originally as a puppy Dad gave her breakfast after taking his medication, that is probably how the behaviour was learnt. Originally she worried for her breakfast as she got older she would be given a chew for reminding him. She did like her food.

  1. Sorry to read about the loss of a very special dog. But your sketch is marvellous. We visited Corfe castle this time last year and your sketch is instantly recognizable.

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