SAL & Pumpkin Passport Update


I’ve almost finished June’s visit to Russia, I still need to finish the background, boarders & words before going on to July.

Here’s how it looks to date

Next update I hope to have returned to my zodiac sampler, having caught up with this one.

This time we welcome two new members Kathy & Susan

Do follow the links to find out how much progress the others have made & see their exciting projects.

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  1. I can’t wait to start with the Passport Pumpkin, have been saving it every month. Yours look really pretty Lucyann – do you think it will work on black Aida?

    • It’s a nice project to stitch , I’m not sure about the black Aida, as there are some black stitches against the back ground such as the sheep’s face in Switzerland. A dark colour would work.

    • Thank you, they have a new stitch along mystery design ( mini one I think) starting soon they are the frosted pumpkin. All there designs are pretty cute. The passport started in Jan, they seem to have one every year.

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