Holiday sketching 


Here’s the first stop on our recent holiday to Norway.  It was raining in Bergan, so luckily we had booked an indoor excursion to Trodhaugen, to visit the home of Edvard Greig. It was very interesting did you know he carried a small rubber frog in his pocket for luck. We also saw his composing shed/hut & listened to a short concert. 

Unfortunately you don’t get time to sit & sketch on these trips , so this sketch is from a couple of post cards (& it was lightly raining), I did paint it in our cabin, while sailing out of Bergan. 

An update on the little guys

They have really grown. 


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  1. Your sketch is great. Norway sounds perfect, my son is hoping to visit Bergen next year. Your caterpillars look so healthy, I shall be watching with interest as they develop over the next few weeks.

  2. Nice! This is a great idea, you’ll remember everything much more vividly if you sketch rather than taking photos. I was in Bergen myself a couple of years ago… Great town, but guess what? It rained! 😆

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