Painted Lady Cardui buttery pupae 


They have all reached the pupae stage. The instructions said to leave them for a couple of days before transferring them to the butterfly cage. I nipped out to Homebase this morning & purchased a cheep house plant (& some other plants for the garden, well you know one must do there bit for the planet 😀, so that made the car journey worthwhile & Mum wanted some bits too)

I popped up the butterfly cage, made sure the plant was well watered ( adding some damp kitchen towel, in a small dish, hopefully keeping it damp). I had a quilting flower pin ready to pin the paper to the top. 

I gingerly removed the lid, & attempted to remove the paper. Nowhere in the instructions does it prepare you for what happens next! 😳 The pupae start to shake very violently!!! Only being attached to the paper with what looks like a very thin thread , I got them transferred, pinned in place & the lid zipped up🤓

I have nerves of steel, it must be the science teacher in me ( it was a piece of cake after catching 12 locusts for an experiment)

They did keep shaking for a bit. I suppose I wouldn’t want to be disturbed either, atleast they have stopped now. 


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  1. I love butterfly release kits–I remember one summer when we had one growing up. It was easy for me to spend hours watching every movement they made. I never wanted to miss a moment!

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