Butterflies & back to school


Firstly the last sketch from holiday , Flam, Norway

I still have one more sketch to go from holiday, but it’s not particularly holiday related. 

It’s been a little hectic here, we had friends over yesterday & back to school today. I’m all peopled out tonight & the kids haven’t started yet. It’s all new courses I have a textbook, because I brought one for my self (I wouldn’t cope otherwise), but nothing else has arrived. Typically Biology has some stuff. 

More interestingly all the butterflies have ‘hatched’, I managed to spot one just after it emerged. 

You can see it hanging from the brown paper, it’s wings still unfolding. 

And a little more 

The others seem to gather around to watch? They very lightly quiver their wings, I’m not sure if it would help dry the wings or not?

And finally the pretty front side of the painted lady. 

At the moment they are living quite happily in their butterfly cage, feeding on fresh flowers from the garden, fruit & honey solution. 

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  1. Wonderful sketch, LucyAnn. I especially love how you have created so much movement in the reflections of the water. I can see many butterfly paintings in your future!

  2. gosh that’s been an interesting experience with butterflies!
    do you think there’s any chance they will breed, lay eggs, and you can start the whole process again?

    • Probably if I kept them long enough, I’m going the release them possibly next weekend if the weather is favourable. I believe they migrate to Africa? Around the end of September beginning of October. I managed to grab a photo of one drinking this morning, I’ll post it next week

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