Heartbeat wrap


Another shawl finished from shawl club, hosted by knackard psycho & unbelievawool. 

I can’t wear this one! As you can see, it is straining to go round the top half of ‘Betty’ & she doesn’t move. It will make a good present for a friend though. I’m already planning a remake, going out a little wider using 2 100g balls, rather than 3 50g balls.  As it is a very pretty pattern. This one didn’t need blocking which is great, my ankle is ok now, but with school, it can not cope with crawling around on the floor ‘extreme’ blocking a shawl.  ( I now have 2 shawls in the blocking que). 

The back! Yes I still haven’t got around to putting in that zip! (& I can’t remember when I made that dress, Betty soon needs a make over)


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    • I have started to think about that, or the spare bed, my ankle was starting to be much better then I fell over again last week, walking on uneven ground. I hoping I might be able to start blocking again next week.

    • My tension is not particularly tight, the main problem is that my boobs are too big for this sort of wrap, they don’t stay on. I will either need to add some stitches to the foundation row or continue a few more rows to give extra width before going up straight. I do like the design, easy to follow.

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