Sunburst sock yarn


This is my second attempt at cool aid dyed yarn, it reminds me of our Suns corona ( solar disk). I dyed it last weekend. 

I’m now recovering from dental surgery, so being forced to rest , I’m taking that as craft , otherwise I will go potty. 


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  1. The colours are so vivid, LucyAnn. Am I right in thinking that cool aid is a cordial-type drink? If I am, how amazing that it can be successfully used as a dye.

  2. Love the colours, and even though they’re just as bright as the blue lot, somehow they’re not quite so scary to think of as dye for your insides – maybe yellow and orange seem more ‘natural’! Hope you’re feeling better very soon 🙂

    • I’m amazed how bright the colours are too. Luckily I’m not fond of such things, I’m not even that keen on the smell.
      It feels like it’s starting to heal, I have that drawing sensation, yesterday my jaw felt under tension from the pin they have put in to reinforce my jaw bone. The good news is I feel better than before, as an abscess had joined in too. I can only move my jaw a small amount, drinking is ok with a straw, eating is interesting.

      • I had a similar experience when I had all my wisdom teeth out under anaesthetic, and got an infection in the stitches. I lived on Complan for 2 weeks and lost heaps of weight, until finally I was too weak to make it up the stairs. Back into hospital… Take care of yourself!

      • I have found a great dentist, every thing was planned, down to a couple of what if scenarios. According to the plan I can attempt something small.
        I’m going to spend half term resting & crafting. I only have a few notes to make for school so I don’t freak out with the course changes. Thanks for your good wishes

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