Cupcake blanket almost there 


I’ve finished the main body of the blanket, it’s turned into quite a monster! It’s difficult to lay flat. I’m now working on the boarders, I hope to finish it soon. 


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  1. I’m pretty new to crocheting. Do you have any advice for making even rows/straight sides? I can’t keep track of hundreds of stitches (or I would count them), and I don’t recognize the end of the row consistently.

    Any tips would be appreciated.

    • Well, it’s mainly about having the same tension ( all the time). You can try blocking if it’s small or needs to be stretched out like a lacy shawl. Although my edges look great in the picture they wave in & out. I remedy this by added a border, that soon straightened it out.
      Counting; this really depends on the project. A blanket such as my cupcake one , I count & check the first 2 rows & then check the pattern as I go. You can use a stitch marker to show the end of the row. I often place in stitch markers when counting long rows, it really depends on how accurate it needs to be. If I’m making a cylindrical shape I always use a stitch maker for the end of the row ( especially if working as a spiral), & keep careful count of stitches.
      I hope this helps

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