Ravenclaw shawl


A Harry Potter shawl for our Harry Potter mad friend, Becky. I didn’t catch up with Becky until this week she’s been away at university (& working) she’s just finished her exams ( hope all has gone well), it’s her final year so I thought she needed something special. 

I’m glad to say she really loved it. 

Yes,another Thank you shawl by the knackered psycho , I love the size of shawl from one ball of sock yarn. 


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  1. Quite beautiful. When I started crocheting a few years ago I just KNEW I wouldn’t ever crochet shawls, they were so dowdy and ugly… >.> Yeah, I’ve definitely changed my mind since then. XD

  2. Hi LucyAnn,

    Though not much into shawls, I daresay the colours and design of this one is indeed fascinating. But would it be warm enough in it’s current ‘Harry Potter’ shape?


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