SAL: 2nd February update 


Another finished.

Here’s my total progress to date.

Please check out, the progress of the others in the group. ( if you wish to join the group please contact Avis)


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    • Well it’s been wet & cold, so no gardening yet. I sometimes wonder why I’m so tried. I think I must have ADHD or something!!??? Then there’s all the marking & school prep too. I just must have to be busy.

      • It’s a tiring time of year. Your body is trying to hibernate, you’ve just had Christmas, and there’s no sunshine to spark you back to life. No wonder you’re tired.

      • Still so early for buds… I do sometimes miss the Northern Hemisphere spring and the fun of discovering the little spring flowers. Here, it just gets hotter… I’m looking forward to winter – the Dry – and an end to nights that don’t drop below 25°C

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