Moth pupae 


This week I’ve been setting up my moth pupae out for spring pupating ( or hatching), in a small net cage. I have a larger cage & I am now wondering if that might have been better. 

Here are the occupants 

A cinibar moth & an orange tip ( below)

And now we wait…..

Meanwhile, my willow food plant is now growing in the conservatory. I have yamamai silk moth eggs stored in the fridge, I’m going to keep them there until the willow outside starts to bud. 

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  1. Fascinating! Fond memories of my country grandmother’s house where we watched cocoons inside the house hanging from her drapes. Thank you for bringing that special memory back to my mind!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! This is a hobby that I see as “cute” because it made me remember a science class from grade school. Ìt gives me lots of ideas (I’m an educator and it never occurred to me to do something like this as a class project). Your metamorphised creatures are really beautiful. What a bunch of fun you must be having right now.

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