SAL: March update


Still working away, another one done.

Here’s my progress to date.

Please check out, the progress of the others in the group. ( if you wish to join the group please contact Avis)




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      • Oh how odd you couldn’t post! I will have to see what is going on there. Did you open it up in a browser or a reader? No idea if that will help me problem solve or not but you never know! Are you starting the Certificate course? Have fun!

      • Good luck! And more importantly have fun 😊 the tutors are great and will point you in the right direction so you don’t have to worry about design or anything. I was completely clueless!

      • I’ve also just checked on my hubby’s phone and he could comment if he wanted (would be amusing to hear!), so maybe it’s because I’ve switched hosts you need to actually have the post open rather than just the reader. I’ll need to investigate further! Thanks for the heads up 😊

      • I’ve decided to not worry about it and just let it go as a ‘one off’! Let’s be honest – the hours I’d spend trying to work it out aren’t worth it!

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