Game of thrones: the beginning 


This strange piece of stitching is the enormous game of thrones marathon cross stitch picture my ‘sweet’ husband liked & ordered. He even helped order the fabric & silks, partly due to the ‘hissy fit’ I had when I saw the size of it!!! 

I have worked out if I do 200 stitches a day for the next 2 yrs it will be finished !!! LOL like that will happen!

I have been putting off starting it for at least 6 or more months. It has now made it on to the work in progress pile. I might rename it fifty shades of grey, as there are 3 different colours used so far & I can hardly tell the difference.

Anyway he seems happy I’ve finally started it. 


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  1. Sounds like my house. I’m just starting one (well, working up the guts to) that if I do 800 stitches a day, I’ll finish in a year. I’m guessing it’ll take me a decade. Best of luck on your GoT!

    • I had already thought about that. I have only got as far as him looking round the royal School of needle work & driving me to Hampton Court Palace for my classes I thick he just likes wandering around the palace for the day manly. I’ll share my RSN work when I have something to show.

  2. I think you should teach hubby to cross stitch and let him work on himself lol . . . that would keep him quiet.

      • I get it. I want to start a second project while already working on one, but not sure if I should….lol. Sometimes a project can be too long and you just can’t wait to start a new one. I’ve felt that before too.

  3. Wooooah, I salute you for taking this on… Even zoomed in, I could only pick out two shades of grey! I agree with some of the others above that Hubby can probably lend a hand with your epic quest… Maybe show him the work of Phil Davison (Urban Cross Stitch) or Mr X Stitch, to prove how manly embroidery can be 😉 Good luck!

    • I think it will take a very long time, but I have started it. My crewel work takes preference over my other projects, as it is an examined piece. I think it will become a well traveled piece, as I will probably take it on holiday in the summer.

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