Moths & caterpillars 


Meet Luna’s pets, she takes her supervisorary role very seriously. 

These caterpillars are about 3 weeks old now. They are High Brown Fitillary butterflies ( hopefully)

The Privet Hawk moths have started to hatch. We are not finding the moths as interesting as butterflies as they sleep during the day. 

We’ve been looking after Mums for a few days Luna & May had new toys.  Sadly at least one has come to its fluffy end ( they killed it & ripped out its stuffing)

Luna & May have been helping me in my garden they are worn out. Even the post man could creep up on them, probably not. 


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  1. Your girls are so adorable. I bet they’re a big help in the garden.
    Yep, I can relate to finding more than a few murdered stuffy toys scattered pitifully through the house. Dogs certainly do have fun when they pull the first bit of stuffing out and then all heck breaks loose. lol
    That’s neat that you have a thriving moth and butterfly hatchery going on. I know it’s interesting watching them and helpful to the ecosystem. 🙂

    • Thanks, it’s when one of them as left one abandoned , it’s dark , you tread on it & then it frightens you. I’m sure they are having a good old laugh at your expense.

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