Easter Gardening 


We have been busy rebuilding the arches in the garden 

Plants have been taken outside to harden off

I’ve reported Stephen’s Lemon tree, I’ve picked a lemon & hope to turn it into a lemon drizzle cake. 

We had a new porch on the front of the house, as I do not have space for a greenhouse in the garden. I now have a small jungle 

My minature African Violets have arrived & are also living in the porch

We released the privet hawkmoth, it stayed on my hand for ages before flying off

Mum brought a lovely blanket back from holiday for me ( well that’s what Mum told me) Luna has taken it over. 

Once you have finished your gardening. We wish you a long rest ( like Luna) , Easter Blessings & a happy warm spring. 


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  1. Lucy, I was so excited to see the picture of your lemon tree! Details please! How old is it, how big is the pot, and how large is your tree? Ours survived the winter, and we now have 2 thriving grapefruit trees as well, but no clue how long this may take!

    • Stephen only brought it last year, so like yours it has survived its first winter with us. I’m not sure if I have potted it into too bigger pot, it seemed pot bound when we got it. We got it from RHS Wisley, I asked some questions at the help desk, & was told it should not be reported until the spring. It came with 3 lemons already on it, the plants is apparently 2 years old. He lovingly carries in indoors every night & puts it to bed.

  2. Happy Easter to you too! You know, there’s only one solution for that porch, and it’s hanging baskets! Either that, or glass shelves across the windows. You have a riot of greenery in there, it’s wonderful 🙂

      • The courgette, tomato & pepper plants are all container varieties. I thought I would try to get an early crop in, when the shop prices are high. It’s my first go, in the porch , as I’ve tried in our conservatory, being north facing, too cold & shady. The porch is south facing with some shade from a large holly tree. It’s looking good so far.

  3. Wow, you’ve been busy! No wonder Luna’s all tuckered out and “borrowing” your lovely new blanket! Your first moth of the season is amazing – its colours are stunning. And I’d love to have a lemon tree, I hope your cake turns out well 😀

  4. You’re far more ahead (and more organised that me!). A porch is a great place for bringing on plants. I’m desperate for a place like it. I’ve asked Husband to build me a lean-to type porch out the back but not sure it’ll happen! Beautiful moth.

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