Jacobean crewel work part 2


Here’s my progress over the Easter holidays, I think I’ve done rather well, I’ve almost finished my homework. Back to school tomorrow ( I got an extra day , it’s my day off) & my exam classes are all doing tests so that will be probably it until my next lesson. I’m really pleased with it so far. 


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    • Thanks, I’m not sure when we will get on to the rabbit. I think there was talk of long & short stitch in the top leaves/ sepals. I still have a whole heap of stitches to learn their way.

  1. It’s looking great! I love your stitch and colour choices for the trunk. It looks like you got the hang of block shading a lot better than I did! It’s the part I disliked the most on mine. I hope you are enjoying it.

    • Thanks Catherine. I made some bold colour choices, the trunk took ages, the block shading was great in comparison. Is yours being assessed now, when do you find out your results? I’m hoping to fit in three more lessons before their end of term, then I hope to finish my stitching over the summer holidays. As everyone says to leave 2 lessons for mounting work. Well that’s the plan. How’s your canvas work going?

      • Yes, mine is being assessed now. I’m assuming I will find out next week when I go to class, but I know they do it on a first in first served basis and don’t always get them through all, so I will have to wait and see! I would definitely allow two lessons for mounting, and I like your idea of working it over summer. There is certainly a lot to get through between each class, especially if you are like me and re-do everything multiple times!
        My canvaswork should hopefully be finished and ready for mounting in a couple of weeks. I’ve got an almost finished blog post ready, but I wanted to get more stitching done before sharing it again!

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