Saturday wildlife!


The ‘punky pillars’ or Garden Tiger Caja Woolly Bears are continually feeding & growing 

During the week the High Brown Firtillary pupae have hatched into beautiful butterflies 

This morning I managed to release some but 4 refused to come out of the cage or fly from my hand

Others will be released tomorrow morning. 

Luna & May made a small wildlife discovery in Mum’s garden this afternoon Luna: Hey May have you seen this?

May: what’s that , nose it a bit & see what happens 

Here’s what they were looking at

Baby spiders, yes Luna did nose it before we could hold her back

Yes those little spiders started moving in all directions! 


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  1. You do have a lot of wildlife congregating in your yard right now. I have never seen baby spiders, so that was interesting! The butterflies are simply beautiful. 🕷🐛

    • I do try to do my bit for the wildlife, my front & side garden I’m trying to dedicate to bees & butterflies. Along with releasing butterflies to boost the local populations.

    • Luna is looking forward to a week end of gardening, she is our supervisor and hard task master. Shrubs need to be cut at a certain height so she can walk underneath. She also likes fragrant plants to rub in & pansies to eat.

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