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    • I do like this project for its simplicity, just small running stitch on a preprinted background & its eco friendly too the quilting fleece is made from plastic bottles. The only problem is you start to wear holes in your fingers.

      • Yes, I’d believe that… It’s a wonder my hands aren’t like leather from the amount of jabs they get! And it’s so great that the quilting fleece is recycled – did it come as part of the kit, or did you pick it up separately? I’d be interested to source some myself!

      • The printed (washable) pattern & backing was a kit. The green ( yes it is a pale green) quilting fleece was separate ( I can not remember it’s name, even though it’s the one I always use). The whole lot came from Cotton Patch, they are expensive
        But there are things you can only seem to get from them .

      • Oh, that’s brilliant! Thanks, I’ll be sure to check them out… I’d really like to make the move to using as much in the way of recycled and natural materials as possible in my craft. Thank you! 😀

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