Jacobean crewel work part 4


Here’s my progress so far. I’m still slowly working on the rabbit, I need to darken him up a bit at the bottom as you can not see his legs very well. Only 3 more lessons to go. 


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  1. It’s beautiful! I’ve been perusing my patterns and considering getting back into cross stitch after 30 years, but maybe I need to get back into crewel work, too! I did a lot of crewel when I was a kid and didn’t realize I missed it so much until I saw this. A job well done!

    • Thank you, it’s been good to learn how to work the stitches properly. The royal School of needlework have a very high standard. My next step is to finish the stitching so I will be learning to mount the work properly next time.

      • I’ve forgotten how to do it. Not an easy craft to learn. You’re certainly learning from the best!

  2. You are obviously learning from the best as you’ve executed the project so well. Love the colours and the bottom mound pattern.

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