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    • Hi Catherine I hope you don’t mind me asking about the paperwork, not having my regular tutor I forgot to confirm what you fill in. Do I fill in the assessment criteria part or do I start on page 3 (embroidery). I’m assuming the label just has name & date on. Thanks LucyAnn

      • For my Jacobean I only completed the self assessment part of the paperwork, but for canvaswork I was told to complete each section with my own thoughts, and another lady in my class doing Jacobean was also told that she should write something in all sections. Mainly to make sure you are considering all elements in your self assessment. The label only needs to have your name unless you want to put the date on for prosperity

      • Thanks, I will have a think about the first part of the paperwork, as well. I was given advice about what to write but not where to write about it. That helps a lot. I hope to take it in next week after term has finished.
        Thank you again LucyAnn

  1. Holy Moly! I’ve loved watching this project progress and the conclusion is a show-stopper. What a beautiful piece. This will be surely treasured for generations onward in your family.

  2. Congratulations on completing such a beautiful piece of needlework. All the very best for the RSN assessment. I’ve enjoyed the whole process.

  3. I particularly like the shading of the rabbit and the centre stitching of the large flower. Congratulations on finishing. I hope you get all good feedback. Good luck.

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