Canvas stitches


My next royal School of needlework module is canvas work, I have a few ideas, but before I start designing I thought I would try out some stitches, on some spare canvas. 

Left to right they are; Slanted Gobelin, Byzantine, scotch & condensed scotch. ( in the book I’m using)

I have many more to try out!!


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  1. Your stitches are lovely. I enjoy canvas work. There’s so many useful and fun items & art pieces that can be made with it. I look forward to seeing your creations.

    • It can be either, it depends on the count of your canvas. My thread is a bit too thin for the canvas, but I’m using up some threads someone gave me, they are for making friendship bracelets. My next piece will be on 18 count this is probably 12?

  2. Have such fun exploring these stitches. Northern lights sounds like an amazing project, though I’m not sure I’d know where to begin. If you have an idea on that, I hope you are able to move it from your vision to the actual canvas; I think it would be quite fascinating to watch!

    • There’s going to be quite a bit of trying out before term starts again🙂. The closest I’ve got to seeing the northern lights, was in Iceland a couple of years ago, as a bright purple sky, as it was August ( start of the season)

  3. I like your samples and look forward to your coming works. I’ve only ever done a small sample of the scotch stitch.

    • Thanks, yes there are florentine patterns, one of my ideas might use them. It’s certainly good to try them out, as I have got to blend the different stitches together.

      • Awesome – should be a fun module for you! And I love the Florentine patterns, they have such a great 60s/70s look to then when you work them up in really bright colours!

  4. These samples look great. Are you finding that different books call the stitch by different names? I guess canvas work has been around for so long there are many variations on stitches. Shading and transitioning from one to another should be a lot of fun. I am still dithering about choosing between blackwork or Canvaswork…. Keep up the sampling.

    • Thanks, lots of stitches have different names. I’ve been mainly using the RSN canvas work book & a couple of others for ideas. I now need to have a look a horizontal & vertical stitches. & finalise my design ideas to a couple of ideas.. I’ve chosen to do canvas next as we’re heading in to winter & black work needs good light.

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