A few more canvas stitches


Still trying out stitches to see which ones I like. I have some ideas but no design yet. 

The stitches are

Encroaching slanted Gobelin, Mosaic & Condensed mosaic. 

I still have vertical & horizontal stitches and cross stitches to explore as part of this module. 


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  1. I like all of these although the mosaic is my favourite. The Gobelin might look better on a smaller hpi canvas but the variegated pink is lovely.

    I currently have several unfinished crochet blankets which I’m working on. I really use get them finished as your stitching has inspired me to get my needles and floss out again! The last piece of stitching I did was a sampler for my parents’ golden wedding anniversary 8 years ago. I just hope I haven’t got too rusty…..

    • Thanks, the canvas I will be working on is 18 count, I’m not over keen on the Gobelin stitch either, it’s probably a little to straight for my project ideas at the moment.

      • Inspiration has struck! It’ll be mum and dad’s diamond anniversary in just under two years. What better excuse than to make another sampler?! I had assumed any stitching I’d do would be cross stitch but your crewel work and tapestry stitches have got me thinking…

    • I probably needed to use an extra thread or 2. Mind you I think that canvas is about 11 count & the one I will be using for the real thing is 18 count. So perhaps coverage will not be a problem. I suppose that’s why you practice stitches. At the moment that pink one is a no.

  2. So far I like all the canvas stitches you’ve made, so I suppose I am of no purpose in this comment stream! Also, I had no idea people still did canvas work. I remember in the 1980s it was really popular. My mom made me a plastic canvas box when I was a kid. It is on display in my living room. It’s my favorite possession.

    • I wouldn’t normally give canvas work a look, but the Royal School of needleworks course forces you to become proficient in most embroidery mediums, all the early modules are compulsory.. I have a stitch guide to the type of stitches I need to include & a design to produce ( small A5 size) I have a little longer than normal for the design process, as term doesn’t start till mid September, giving me time to try stitches.

      • Well, now I like the idea of following a class that makes a person try different things they otherwise wouldn’t try. Canvas has so many cool possibilities.

  3. I particularly like the condensed mosaic stitch as it covers the canvas well. The slanted goblin stitch does seem very sparse over the canvas. Can’t wait to see your design take shape.

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