Dachshund project 2


We’ve been away on Holiday cruising around the British Isles, it was a great chance to see Orkney & Skye, as well as Southern Ireland & some other places we’ve been before. It was nice to get away & get some sewing done ( apologies to anyone I missed replying to). I didn’t enjoy this cruise as much as some of the others we’ve done as the passengers were a little older than normal ( I suppose that’s because we cruised round our own Island), it had a ‘waiting for God’ feel about it. It also rained most days, but I have had a well earned break & been fed rather too well. 

I’ve made great progress on Luna’s picture. I do wish people would leave you alone, without making stupid comments ( men of a certain age & a few women) probably because I’m using a lap frame in a bag, people don’t seem able to comprehend I’m sewing ( what they think I’m doing I have no idea) I would also be better off using a hoop too, sorry I don’t get this comment either. Most people thought I would finish the picture be the end of the cruise (seriously) or perhaps by the end of the month, they really have no idea!!

Finally if you are ever in the situation of lots of pathetic & stupid comments I suggest you reply. “You make your assumptions, I’ve already made mine!” . It really works, they wander off & leave you alone. 

Now to get on with the washing & I hope the Sun is shining all day & I can get it dry. I have already booked space on Mum’s washing line too. I wouldn’t be surprised if the water board isn’t listening for a leak at the end of our road. Off to hang another lot out. 


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  1. I’ve often thought that a cruise would be a perfect Holiday to lounge on deck and craft my days away . . . obviously not ^^

    • We’ve been on five cruises ( all with the same company) the other 4 were great. I think it’s the demographic of the passengers that was the problem. On our Iceland trip they had watercolour painting & corsage making or craft get togethers. Norway is fantastic & I would like to do the Baltic again ( we are the only people to do a rough cruise in the Baltic!) I’ve not had such comments in such quantity before.
      It was sad to see so many rude people from the older generation, who were so quick to criticise the younger generation.
      I normally do some stitching wait for it to warm up, have a swim or do a craft class, then more stitching!! That’s my normal sea day, preferably with some sunshine.
      I booked next years we’re off to Greenland via Iceland, they’re not going to get me down, it’s more expensive & the boat was filling up when we booked, as Greenland is a new destination ( so hopefully no discounted cabins)
      I’m looking forward to it already!

  2. Why is it that people feel free to say stuff on holiday that they wouldn’t dream of saying at home? And why do people feel they have to say something anyway? It’s a lovely piece, and I’m glad the silly creatures haven’t manage to take the shine off your trip. I’ve always found the following phrase useful when the daft comments get too much: “Oh, don’t feel you have to say something to prove how little you know, I can tell just by looking at you!”

    • I will remember that phrase too. Perhaps we should start a comment bank. We might even be able to market them!!??
      From what I’ve seen of that sort of people I’m not they keep it for just holidays ( Mother-in-laws boyfriend certainly doesn’t!! , I try not to go anywhere with them, enough said)
      The idea of Greenland should keep me focused for the year ahead. 10 sea days on that one! Do you think I can get away with a case of craft stuff???

  3. That’s a lovely piece! Some people really have no idea how long it takes, it took me nearly a year to cross-stitch a Christmas stocking for my parents many years ago. Now I would like to take the stocking apart and fix a couple of stitches, then put it back together.

  4. I love your dachshund 😍 It’s so nice, you have made lots of progress! It’s super annoying though how people who don’t get it are often the ones to make comments. Love your come back though, it made me laugh a lot!

    • Thanks. You have to remember the two most abundant things in the universe are hydrogen & stupidity. So judging by the abundance of stupidity, there is no chance of our Sun running out of hydrogen yet.

  5. You have completed a lot Ivan see Luna s face ..I wish I could think of things to say at the time ,I get a lot of comments,some people have no idea….if you can’t say something nice keep quiet …

  6. lol. I can never quite get the comments of people, specially those that are not doing the same crafting as you. Rather than say nothing, they seem to have to come up with something to say. 🙂 Or it is just us crafters that understands.
    Your cross stitch work is stunning, and I love the progress you are making. 🙂 Looking good.

  7. Aw what a precious cross stitch. You’re doing an amazing job.
    People can be curious critters and truly baffling by their logic sometimes. Sounds like you handled them sufficiently.

  8. People never seem to realise how long stitching takes to complete – my only piece of cross stitch took me nine months to complete. It was an advent calendar and it took me so long that I missed the Christmas deadline! Loving watching your progress.

  9. Hahaha! They thought you’d get it finished by the end of the cruise?! 😂😂😂 People are hilarious. It’s looking lovely, I really like the Dachshund’s sweet expression! You’ve got me wondering if I suffer from “bitchy crafting face” though… When I craft in public, no-one ever asks me what I’m up to!

    • I haven’t done any of that project since my return. Personally I think it depends on the people , how intelligent they are ( what are you doing?) or how curious they are ( what are you making?) & perhaps how much time they have on their hands.

      • Yes, I suppose on a cruise the people have pretty much infinite time on their hands. Maybe I should take one myself… It could be a great way to spread the Beastie word! 😉

      • We find it much better than flying, the longest we’ve waited to be checked in is 1/2 hour, this time we joined the queue straight away & hadn’t finished the paper work before reaching check in, through security & on to the boat. Lunch, snacks or afternoon tea is normally being served, we often have a small snack until the cabin is ready ( & your cases normally have arrived) being Gluten free these days, I find it easy to eat on the boat, they are very good. What’s not to like?

      • Indeed! The easy check-in sounds like a real winner… And snacks? Yes please! I’ve actually never considered cruising before, but it might make a really good “working holiday”. Thanks for the tip! 😀

      • Yep food is available from around 6.30 am to 12pm although it’s hard to find between 5pm to 6.30pm ( for free). Luggage you can take as much as you can fit into your cabin! We book car parking too. I would not go back to flying now.

      • As long as you carry any thing sharp like scissors or knitting needles in your hand luggage ( I think scissor blades have to be under 4 inches), otherwise you are called to reception to open your case ( this happened to me when He put his small craft knife in my suitcase & didn’t tell me!!) Steve takes his 15mm metal figures , glue & paint with him. We do have a balcony cabin though, I don’t think some of the inside cabins can be that big. Yes lots of people do knit. Next years Greenland trip has 10 sea days so I will need to plan what to take.

      • Greenland should be amazing… I flew over the bottom tip of it years ago on the way to the States. It looks so vast and rugged! I’m looking forward to seeing your holiday photos already!

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