Preparing for gold work


For my next module with the royal school of needlework I have chosen gold work. As I have not had much experience of working with gold thread, I thought it would be a good idea to try it out. I copied my design on to a spare piece of silk, & I have been working on the felt padding before, the real thing, there are four layers of felt under that hare.

Layers 1&2

I hope it’s ok & I can get started on the ‘best’ one. I was asked to come up with a name it’s going to be known as the ‘Hoo Hare’ , from the Hoo peninsula in Kent (UK).


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  1. Love the colour of the silk, it’ll make the gold stand out and look really rich. Isn’t Sutton Hoo where they found that amazing Anglo Saxon burial with the fantastic metalwork artefacts? Does your hare design come from one of those?

    • Yes, the colour of the silk is beautiful, itโ€™s blue in one direction & red in the other. Sadly our Hoo in Kent is not as interesting. I think the most exciting thing itโ€™s seen was the Dutch sailing up the river Medway to invade Rochester or boats being built in Chatham dockyard. We are on the Thames side of the Hoo peninsula, & have pipโ€™s graves ( great expectations) & hares ( & lots of baby bunnies), the dogs like following the scent trails.

  2. This looks beautiful Lucy, and very colourful. Approximately what size is the piece of silk ? it is a little hard to get any size clues from the photo but it certainly looks as if you have some stitching in front of you.

  3. Best wishes for your ‘real’ project. This working piece looks great already. I’ll enjoy seeing what you do.

  4. A lovely design. I wish I had had the chance to trial stitch my piece, I may have made some different options. Buy anyhow, I am now thinking of it as a sampler!

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