Twirls & Swirls: Beaded scissor keeper


I’ve finished my scissor keeper, it was a kit by Lorna Bateman. I added the ribbon to make sure the expensive gold work scissors did not go missing or get used for other things.

I designed the back my self.

I still have the thimble keeper to make, I thought it might be good to keep the beeswax in. I have another couple of Lorna Bateman kits waiting too.

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  1. Really beautiful… I love things like that, but simply don’t have the patience to make them myself, and I suspect I’m better off with my scissors easily to hand, tucked in a pocket on my pincushion. But I do admire people who can make and use such beautiful things.

    • Thanks, I thought I needed to make something special for them, as they are super sharp, with a slightly serrated blade to cut the gold wires. Normally scissors live with the project in the bag ( or lost, I can not keep track of them)

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