A dyslexic problem with Blackwork embroidery


I’m not sure how many people know I am dyslexic, I didn’t find out until I was part way through my physics degree, when a tutor looked over my shoulder at my lab book & stated; “ sorry I didn’t know you’re dyslexic”. Follow by a brief conversation about my lab book looking just like his. I am thankful for him pointing it out. I thought I was just bad a spelling & hated reading out loud.

Forward on to the Blackwork castle, some of the visual distortions came back. I found it very difficult to count & get the shading correct.

Blackwork embroidery of Cooling Castle in Kent UK

I happened to mention to one of the embroidery tutors about how difficult I had found it , compared to the Whitework, & that I happened to be dyslexic, & would normally work on lilac paper. We had a conversation about coloured fabric & my ability to to shade correctly. I found lilac linen & l’ve framed up my small slate frame. I found a photo of my Lilly I grew in the summer.

Blackwork design tracing

To transfer the design on to the linen we tend to use the tacking method. The design in drawn on to tissue paper, & then tacked on normally with a pale blue machine thread, but I have lilac linen instead on white.

Tacking through the tissue paper
After the tissue paper is revived.

After a bit of sampling, I decided on a stitch

Stitch sample.

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  1. I also hated reading out load as a kid and still do to this day. The kids would tease me. I have always been terrible at spelling and mixing words or writing my sentences in a back words way. You have to go to a specialist to get diagnosed and my parents did not have the money for that, and most insurance doesn’t cover it. It still cost a lot even for adults. Children just fall through the cracks in the school system and never get the help you need. The public schools ignore it and pass it off as a home problem and home issue to take care of. Parents send their kids to school not knowing why their children struggle and hope the teachers, the professionals there, will be able to help their children. My father went all the way to the 8th grade before he finally gave up and dropped out. He was passed through year after year even though he was never taught how to read. He never learned how to read, he got through life by memorizing everything. He had a great memory too. I have noticed something about dyslexics…they are some of the most creative and artistic individual in the world. Really gifted. You are one of those individuals.

    • I know how it feels, I was lucky my parents got me into a church school, who believed in kids being set for nearly every subject. So I excelled in math, science & art. Which meant I managed to leave school with exams. I got myself through university part time. I decided that I would scrape together enough to pay for assessment. I decided to train as a teacher & taught physics. I picked up dyslexia in several of my students over the years. What always amazed me is the amount of parents who turned down the schools basic dyslexia screening, because their wasn’t anything wrong, yet the students written work didn’t match what they could achieve.
      We realised later that both my parents are dyslexic too ( engineer & artist). Many of us are good at advanced math, but not basic arithmetic, chemistry & physics, because you need to be good a problem solving to survive.
      Every dyslexic has what I used to tell my students a super power. Mine is being able to picture things in 3D in my mind, & rotate them. which apparently most normal people can’t do.
      Sounds like your Husband’s super power might be remembering information. I’m terrible at it.
      Thank you for your comments, sending you all blessings LucyAnn

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