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Hare kitchen cupboard door


One of my kitchen cupboard doors had gone all wrinkly, having nothing to loose, I pulled off the offending inner panel, painted it dark grey ( it took several coats) , stencilled these lovely hares in copper, followed up by several layers on Matt varnish.

It’s been returned to the kitchen & it looks fantastic.



I’ve been decorating again this week, the stairs are finished, they were hard work 😓. Luna seems to think they have changed height & is not sure about them. I’ve put a non slip mat at the bottom for her, so she doesn’t hurt her back. Flooring to finish. I think we might be almost done with this phase of decorating. Why are you always left with a couple of baskets of detritus, too good/ useful/ needed ; but with no home 🤔.


This week I’ve had a lovely parcel from coolcrafting, lots of lovely things to cheer me up, now it’s my day off.

I decided to try the Luna Lapin quarterly subscription box, lots of lovely things inside

Decisions decisions!!! What do you make next.

Felt Angel Stocking


I have finally finished my kit, it was started before the new Millennium, when I was visiting by Mum & Dad in Atlanta. Mum took me to Michaels for the first time, being from the UK I had never seen large craft stores on this scale. I got this in their Christmas in July event, again something I hadn’t seen before. I think that is why I remember where & when it arrived in my stash, it’s good to see it finally finished.

Now what next …. something new or something from the stash??🤔