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Starting yarn dying


Today has been a learning day, I’ve channelled my inner science teacher, making 1% acid dye solutions & dying yarn. It was so much fun. I like that slow cooker much better now it’s been repurposed for yarn dying.

Hopefully the red & blue yarn will soon be done & they can join the others.

I’m hoping this might make me another sales line, it’s a bit different from the embroidery, quilts. It’s certainly easier on the fingers, although they are slightly multicoloured now ( yes I did wear gloves). What do you think?



Yesterday was embroidery day at Hampton Court Place, on my lunch break I found these beautiful swans & their cygnets, 8 in total.

I also stocked up on my gold thread, so I can keep busy over the summer.

Primula & chrysanthemum quilt


I’ve finally taken the plunge & opened an online shop with Folksy, called the Sunshine Stitchery studio. I’ve had lots of self doubt, is my work good enough, will anyone want it, all that sort of thing….. and this week I did it.

I got my self some rather snazzy quilt labels & renamed the quilt I made a while ago. I think it’s going to be a very steep learning curve. Like everything I guess perseverance will be required.

The white quilt is finished

Finished & in place

The white quilt survived the wash, but due to my washing machine being ‘intelligent’ it weighs what’s in it & adjusts the amount of water it uses. Normally that’s great, but not if you’re trying to wash out the blue preprinted lines, they are still very faintly there, it really needs another wash. It can wait until the better weather.

This is the kit I used, it was really easy to do. You needed wadding , backing & quilting thread too. It’s just small running stitch & it looks stunning, I used a dark variegated purple thread, for a good contrast.

Finally, I’ve finished icing the Christmas cake, I still have a few bits to make as GF cakes don’t seem to keep that well.

Luna is waiting for Father Christmas.

Luna & I wish everyone a very happy Christmas.



I’ve been decorating again this week, the stairs are finished, they were hard work 😓. Luna seems to think they have changed height & is not sure about them. I’ve put a non slip mat at the bottom for her, so she doesn’t hurt her back. Flooring to finish. I think we might be almost done with this phase of decorating. Why are you always left with a couple of baskets of detritus, too good/ useful/ needed ; but with no home 🤔.