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Tiny teddy


Just started making & sharing again after a long break from WP. I’m just starting to get back into enjoying making again.

My first tiny teddy bear, after an even longer break from making them. I have been reviving my toy / bear making skills over lockdown & decided it was time to start sharing again.

Cosy stripe monster blanket 


I finally finished the stripes yesterday evening.  I just have the border to finish now, it seems to have turned into a monster blanket. 

Yesterday was my birthday

Stephen made me a cake while I was at school ( please don’t look to carefully at that icing, it’s the thought that counts). My lower sixth physics class made me cup cakes, with candles, I’m sure it was really a desperate plea, not to do a test. The cakes were lovely & included candle wax; the test did not disappear, but I did let them use their books. It is lovely when kids make the effort , & reminds you what wonderful people are coming along & why you keep teaching. 

Now to work out what I can make or create with my presents. 

Dr Who : 12th Doctor 



I finished the 12th Doctor in time for Stephen’s Birthday ( it’s just taken a while to photograph) I used Allison Hoffman’s pattern from Ravelry , she has a web site  I kept to the pattern except I used small eyes ( you know the ones you have) & I embroidered his hair, I started to the crochet version & did not like it.  He really wasn’t too difficult to make & I enjoyed making him. 

Mutant Spider


Found in a cupboard in our physics lab, living next to the radioactive sources , one friendly slightly radioactive mutant spider. Just like students prefers the dark. Likes to hunt for chocolate & cake.
Actually, made for my friend & fellow physics teacher, I’ve got her a spider (& bug) vacuum as a little Christmas gift. She hates spiders, we like to get something small or silly we would not normally buy.