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Saturday wildlife!


The ‘punky pillars’ or Garden Tiger Caja Woolly Bears are continually feeding & growing 

During the week the High Brown Firtillary pupae have hatched into beautiful butterflies 

This morning I managed to release some but 4 refused to come out of the cage or fly from my hand

Others will be released tomorrow morning. 

Luna & May made a small wildlife discovery in Mum’s garden this afternoon Luna: Hey May have you seen this?

May: what’s that , nose it a bit & see what happens 

Here’s what they were looking at

Baby spiders, yes Luna did nose it before we could hold her back

Yes those little spiders started moving in all directions! 

Easter GardeningĀ 


We have been busy rebuilding the arches in the garden 

Plants have been taken outside to harden off

I’ve reported Stephen’s Lemon tree, I’ve picked a lemon & hope to turn it into a lemon drizzle cake. 

We had a new porch on the front of the house, as I do not have space for a greenhouse in the garden. I now have a small jungle 

My minature African Violets have arrived & are also living in the porch

We released the privet hawkmoth, it stayed on my hand for ages before flying off

Mum brought a lovely blanket back from holiday for me ( well that’s what Mum told me) Luna has taken it over. 

Once you have finished your gardening. We wish you a long rest ( like Luna) , Easter Blessings & a happy warm spring. 

Moths & caterpillarsĀ 


Meet Luna’s pets, she takes her supervisorary role very seriously. 

These caterpillars are about 3 weeks old now. They are High Brown Fitillary butterflies ( hopefully)

The Privet Hawk moths have started to hatch. We are not finding the moths as interesting as butterflies as they sleep during the day. 

We’ve been looking after Mums for a few days Luna & May had new toys.  Sadly at least one has come to its fluffy end ( they killed it & ripped out its stuffing)

Luna & May have been helping me in my garden they are worn out. Even the post man could creep up on them, probably not. 

Christmas goodies 3


Last weeks goodies have been added to the pre- Christmas stash from my lovely mum. I’ve started winding the yarn, I have a couple of little projects in mind. 

I have not had the heart to tell Luna these are not for her. This is the dog who thinks chocolate biscuits taste of kittens after mvities TV adverts in the uk.  I have told her that chocolate biscuits do not taste of kitten & kittens do not taste of chocolate. Just to put everyone’s mind at rest I haven’t eaten kitten. 

Luna’s Garden tour & another cake


It’s been wet here, everything is growing,  just right for ‘hunting’ in the undergrowth, not that I’ve found anything yet!

Here’s my favourite flowers

We have lots of clematis out, there are deep purple ones on the outside of the fence

The roses smell real nice, but many haven’t survived

I love wandering around in these yellow poppies & look at the size of those puddles, I will get my undercarriage wet. 

My mum made another gluten free cake today, with a recipe from Kate. 

Line zucchini cake 

It was rather tasty, I got to lick Mum’s plate. It didn’t taste of that veggie stuff at all, just lime cake. So I give it a paws up. 

“Weiner Wonderland “


My first Christmas card, I have not made cards for a long time. I saw this chart on Esty & thought it would be perfect for my friends Tracey , as she love dachshunds too.  We don’t get many opportunities to meet up, but this weekend we are, I’m going to take it with me, I hope she likes it. 

Here’s Luna doing her ‘bar hum bug’ it’s raining & we are catching up with work today look. 

One Year wiser: wk 6


Luna & I wish everyone warm wishes, peace & happiness for the coming week. 

My Dad is out & I am waiting for him to come home. I need lots of sympathy as my paw is still poorly & my eye is weepy because I keep rubbing my head in Mums flowers & bushes.  I also wish she would put the heating back on this radiator is cold now!

My Teacher planner


This year I’ve taken the time to make a cover for my teacher planner. It’s made out of felt, lucky the rectangles were exactly the right size for the front & back. I made a handy pocket on the front for perhaps as small note book or I may add some stitching lines & turn it into a pen minded. 

The cover flaps will make hand pockets of all those bits of paper I loose throughout the year. The last few years I’ve added stickers so I can recognise mine, as our school insists on everyone having the same colour.  I like to be different so I customised mine. 

Jelly roll’s & Tshirts


I’ve been putting my new small class sized sewing machine through its paces this week to find out what it can do. Mum brought me an Soul blossoms jelly roll & pack of fat quarters ( still unused!) for my birthday last year. I’m making some chair seat covers & a table runner for the dinning room. These are the patch work part of my chair seat covers. I’m in the process of joining all the nine patches together to make the runner. I’ve now got to remove the old fabric chair seat cover & replace it with cotton, next job find staple gun. 

Although it’s been hot here Luna has taken to wearing a Tshirt , she had heat rash under her arms, it stops her scratching it. She is so funny about it, a new one arrived today, she kept pestering until I put it on her.  

We are dog sitting this week, although it’s the holidays I must sort out my school stuff next week. The decorating is going well & I have fabric for his ‘man cave’ & fabric for me ( don’t tell him)